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Jefferson Football Policies

Policies and Procedures for Players and Parents

Please familiarize yourself with the rules, policies and expectations!

To download printable copies of the Attendance and Lettering policies, please click these links: Attendance Policy, Lettering Policy

A FEW REMINDERS ... Rules & Expectations


ATTENDANCE: Be present at ALL practices and meetings and BE EARLY!


RESPECT: Respect your fellow players and coaches. Please address coaches by “Coach’’ or “Coach Carlson.’’ Answers to questions or requests should be “Yes Sir!’’ or “No Sir!’’ Your coaches have earned that over years of experience and hard work!


CONDITIONING: Physical condition -- You owe it to yourself and your teammates to be in top physical condition. This will prevent injuries and allow you to become the best player possible. Mental condition -- Keep a positive attitude. Staleness is mental, so keep striving upward to be better. Everyone may have a bad day, but keep working hard. Spiritual condition -- Be proud of your school, your team, and what you are doing. Be loyal to your school, coaches and fellow players.


CLEANLINESS: This means your language and play as well as your body and equipment. There is no place in football for a dirty or chippy player. A team that looks sharp, plays sharp. DO NOT ever miss practice because of equipment issues.


CHEMICALS: Chemical use is out!! This includes stimulant sports drinks and over-the-counter enhancers.


LEADERSHIP: As soon as you put on a Jefferson Football jersey you become a leader. You lead by example, both on the field and off. You are in the public limelight, take pride in that fact and act accordingly.


COMMUNICATION: Communicate with fellow players and coaches. If you have any concerns, please talk to the coaches or captains about them.




1/ Football should be fun and we’ll do our best to make it so. There is work to be done and we must get it done quickly at the beginning of the season.


2/ Players and coaches should be business-like about football. We will share some laughs, but goofing off will not be tolerated. We want a disciplined organization. Be sharp in everything you do on the field.


3/ None of our coaches will tolerate alibis and excuses. If you make a mistake, be a man, admit and move on. If you don’t know what to do, have the courage to ask. Don’t waste the team’s time with mistakes.


4/ You can expect to be corrected. Remember, this is NOT personal. It is for your good and the good of the TEAM.


5/ The name of the game is HIT.


6/ A real football team is one in which team members are close friends on the field and off. We are all on the TEAM level. EVERY squad member is important to our success.


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